Friday, May 29, 2009

Those Weirdos at the Gas Station. . .

So, the fam and I headed to Monroe tonight. We needed to find a wedding gift for Ivan's brother, Jon Luke. The girls and I left the house around 5:30, picked Ivan up at the office and headed over to the Fieldhouse for dinner - with coupons, of course! We had Aubrey right at the table and I fed her some baby food - apples to be exact. We scooted on into town, and of course, took forever finding the perfect gift. Head back for home around 9:00 - it was overall an enjoyable, relaxing evening. As we got into North Monroe, I asked the I-man if he wanted to go on and fill 'er up - one less thing to do tomorrow, right? Just as we pull into Brookshire's, Emma says,

"Mommy, Aubrey stinks! I think she has a nasty diaper!"

Well, being the smart Mommy I (sometimes) am, I decided I should change her diaper there, so if she fell asleep on the way home we wouldn't have to wake her. I gather my supplies from the diaper bag and proceed to crawl out of the car. (We have a Pontiac Grand Prix - yes, with my hands full, it was a crawl) :) Emma gets out of the back seat so I can just sit in her spot to do my duty.

SURPRISE!!! Not only does Aubrey have a dirty diaper, she has a dirty everything! Remember how one of the dads looked in Look Who's Talking, when the baby was dirty? Well, that was me. It's all up her front, all down her back, all inbetween her legs. I call Ivan over - this is certainly not a one man ( or woman) job! Especially in the backseat of a Grand Prix. So Ivan grabs her and is just holding her out away from him. I proceed to pull her dress off - what do you know - her diaper is undone on one side! How in the world?!!! It certainly explained the mess, but boy were we in a pickle! Just try to picture it - you're at the gas station - you look over and see a man holding a naked baby about 3 feet away from him. With your second glance, you notice a woman trying to wipe said naked baby - but not doing a very good job! Ivan was holding Aubrey under her arms - those legs (and hiney) were moving all over the place! Ivan was worried about how she might be embarrassed - but I'm pretty sure I saw a sly, smug look of satisfaction on that little face.

So, if you were at the North Monroe Brookshire's tonight around 9:15, those weirdos at the gas station? Yeah. It was us.


  1. And to think - that's where we often stop on our way out of town, too, for just such events (although I think we're done with the blowouts at this point)! We were so much wanting to get out of town last night, but stayed home instead. If we'd just gone with our gut instinct, we might have gotten quite a laugh! :-) And gotten to see y'all too! Oh well...maybe next time we'll share our lovely child moments...

    Anyway, I got a laugh picturing it, so that works, too! Thanks for sharing!

    I had no idea you were blogging again! YAY! It's going into my Google Reader right now.

  2. Love this entry! I could just picture the entire ordeal. This makes my blog entries seem "dull and bland." Keep 'em coming!


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