Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ch - ch - ch - Changes!


I've got a hot date tomorrow night.

It's the first going out-no kids-spend money-have a sitter-date in well over a year! Needless to say, I'm just a little pumped.

So. . .

I went shopping today. Cato's clearance. Spent $40.00 - jewelry, shoes, shirt and slacks.

Oh, and the pants I tried on? Size 12!!

Oh! My! Gracious! Last time I was a size 12 was over 14 years ago. Seriously.
Here's a picture of me close to my heaviest, in 2006.

And yet another one.

I still can't understand how I could look like that but not realize that that's what I looked like. When I looked in the mirror every day, that is not what I saw. I'm almost ashamed to see those pictures now . . . how could I ever let myself feel so bad, so tired, so sore - and never do anything to try to fix it?

But I digress.

Back to today. So the girls and I came home, and I tried everything on for them. They wanted to take pictures, so we had a mini fashion show.

Wanna hear some other numbers?

You know, cause you care?

During the month of January, I did cardio 6 days a week, with some strength training 3 days of the week. My cardio consisted of Zumba classes at the gym (LOVE IT!!!!), running, and getting on the stationary bike. I can now run 35 minutes without stopping, and have done as much as 50 minutes on the bike. Woo hoo!!

My results were so good, Ivan decided it would be a good investment for me to be able to join the gym - he's not used to me loving exercise! :)

And you know, Ivan knows a good investment when he sees one.

Oh, you want to know the results?

You know, it's not really that big of a deal. Just a little bit. . .

Okay, okay!

15 pounds! And 13.5 inches! Off this short-stuff 5 foot body!

I realize that in the grand scheme of life, my weight loss journey is not a big deal. It seems kind of silly to be so excited about something so superficial-feeling. But I'm changed on the inside more than on the outside. I feel like a new woman. . . I'm finding a new confidence in myself - a new joy in life - a new appreciation for this body the Lord gave me, and how much it can do if I push it just a bit! I have so much more energy - and so much more of myself to give to others. I'm finding new fulfillment in my ministry here at home. I'm serving my family so much better.
I still have a long way to go. I'm 39 pounds down from my highest weight, and I have 41 (at least) to go. But you know what?
I'm gonna do it.
With a smile on my face, and a song in my heart. (Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul! Thank you, Lord, for making me whole! Thank you, Lord, for giving to me. . . life more abundant, so rich and free!)
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