Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ch - ch - ch - Changes!


I've got a hot date tomorrow night.

It's the first going out-no kids-spend money-have a sitter-date in well over a year! Needless to say, I'm just a little pumped.

So. . .

I went shopping today. Cato's clearance. Spent $40.00 - jewelry, shoes, shirt and slacks.

Oh, and the pants I tried on? Size 12!!

Oh! My! Gracious! Last time I was a size 12 was over 14 years ago. Seriously.
Here's a picture of me close to my heaviest, in 2006.

And yet another one.

I still can't understand how I could look like that but not realize that that's what I looked like. When I looked in the mirror every day, that is not what I saw. I'm almost ashamed to see those pictures now . . . how could I ever let myself feel so bad, so tired, so sore - and never do anything to try to fix it?

But I digress.

Back to today. So the girls and I came home, and I tried everything on for them. They wanted to take pictures, so we had a mini fashion show.

Wanna hear some other numbers?

You know, cause you care?

During the month of January, I did cardio 6 days a week, with some strength training 3 days of the week. My cardio consisted of Zumba classes at the gym (LOVE IT!!!!), running, and getting on the stationary bike. I can now run 35 minutes without stopping, and have done as much as 50 minutes on the bike. Woo hoo!!

My results were so good, Ivan decided it would be a good investment for me to be able to join the gym - he's not used to me loving exercise! :)

And you know, Ivan knows a good investment when he sees one.

Oh, you want to know the results?

You know, it's not really that big of a deal. Just a little bit. . .

Okay, okay!

15 pounds! And 13.5 inches! Off this short-stuff 5 foot body!

I realize that in the grand scheme of life, my weight loss journey is not a big deal. It seems kind of silly to be so excited about something so superficial-feeling. But I'm changed on the inside more than on the outside. I feel like a new woman. . . I'm finding a new confidence in myself - a new joy in life - a new appreciation for this body the Lord gave me, and how much it can do if I push it just a bit! I have so much more energy - and so much more of myself to give to others. I'm finding new fulfillment in my ministry here at home. I'm serving my family so much better.
I still have a long way to go. I'm 39 pounds down from my highest weight, and I have 41 (at least) to go. But you know what?
I'm gonna do it.
With a smile on my face, and a song in my heart. (Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul! Thank you, Lord, for making me whole! Thank you, Lord, for giving to me. . . life more abundant, so rich and free!)


  1. Margie, you are amazing! I'm on my weight-loss journey as well. Taking care of my mother for over a year really both stress and blessings into my life but I found that stress brought me to eating a lot of junk and loading my body down with feel-good foods (mood foods), how quickly the weight came on, it literally felt like overnight when my clothes didn't fit anymore. I resorted to jogging outfits for comfort and less restricting. Mom is gone, my focus is back and through her, I realized how necessary it is to take care of myself. I cannot take care of my family when I'm feeling drug down, lousy, irritable, foggy-headed, etc... So here's to our weight-loss journey. You go girl, 35 minutes on the treadmill running is amazing!!!!!

  2. You have always been beautiful but you look amazing now too! That is really great. I am right there with you only I am only down 10 pounds-going today to the Dr for a physical and have blood work done so I can check all that stuff too. I need to find the time to exercise more on a regular basis too-that part is the hardest for me cause Mike does it in the mornings so I can't I work part time during the days and then nights are dance, cub scouts, church, you name it seems like something till almost 8 or 9 and I am beat by then-trying to find a time and no excuses.
    You really look great-so happy for you-happy date nite too-hope you have a wonderful time.
    Love ya

  3. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so impressed, girl! Congrats, and praying for you as you continue in diligence to be a good steward of that beautiful body!

  4. You look great, Margie! I know you are so proud of yourself, you should be! Have a wonderful time on your date with Ivan!!!!

  5. I am SOOOO proud of you! Doesn't if FEEL wonderful. I think it pleases the Lord when we feel good in our bodies, they are the tool He's given us for ministry. I too have joined a gym (Tuesday of this week), can't wait for the WEIGHT to come off, but I feel wonderful. It is AMAZING that you are halfway there! I love you.

    p.s. You should run out to Texas for a long weekend ;)

  6. That's WONDERFUL! You look just FABULOUS, girl!

    I love having a gym membership. I just thrive in class-type work outs. I really enjoy running, but in the winter it's hard to keep up with.

    I got a gym membership for a Christmas gift (one month trial) the first I've had in years and fell in love all over again. We're hoping to get me signed back up with some tax return money!

  7. Margie, I am so, so proud of you! You just look fabulous and I have no doubt that you will continue doing just as well in the months ahead. Hope you and Ivan had a great date, ya'll deserved it for sure!

  8. Daaaang, Margie, you look GOOD! ;)

    Hope you all had a *sweet* valentine's day! :)

  9. Enjoy your date! you look great ~ keep up the good work!

  10. Hey you! How are you doing? How was that date night anways? Love and miss you all.

  11. You are beautiful inside and out and how inspiring...I needed this today, I have about 40 pounds to lose and I am exercising, but it still isn't going down much! Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations to you!!! Enjoy the fruit of your labor.


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