Monday, June 15, 2009

My New 'Do

My hair was BADLY in need of some color. I appreciate none of you saying anything - you certainly had every right to!! :) Anyway, I finally got to it today. First I colored it all, then attempted some highlights. They turned out much more red than I anticipated, but then they always do. Hopefully it's not too brassy!

I never realized I had such a big schnoz! Our poor kids. . . they don't stand a chance!!!


  1. Lookin' good honey! The hair looks great, I'm not sure our camera did a good job of capturing the natural beauty of your facial features, though.

  2. Can I move across the hall from you? I need you to fix my hair....every other day....

  3. Oh, girl! I wish you could move across from me! Cause then I would have fun and craziness every day! You know, cause I don't get that with Ivan already. :) I miss you!


It makes my day when I hear from you. Sad, but true - so make a girl feel good, eh? :)

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