Friday, October 30, 2009

Mystery of History!

If you read my post here, you know that I LOVE Mystery of History curriculum! I am finding a new love for history, and of course the girls are beginning their school careers with that love. You know that makes this momma very happy!

Today we talked some more about Egypt. For our map activity of the week, we made this:

An Egypt cake! How fun is that?!

I made flags for some points of interest, and the girls had fun putting them in their proper places. (BTW, I'm totally showing my ignorance here. I have no idea how I graduated with a 3.7 GPA - did you know that "Upper Egypt" in Bible times is actually South Egypt, and Lower Egypt is North Egypt? I didn't know that! Back then, they named it that way because of the topography of the land. The southern half of Egypt had a higher elevation, which is why it's called Upper.) (But I'm sure you already knew that).

It didn't taste too bad, either . . .

When we talked about Adam and Eve earlier in the year, the girls had to make a person out of clay to see how difficult it really is to make a person.

This is Emma's mostly anatomically correct "Eve".

We finally got around to painting them today, along with their cuneiform tablets they made.

Sarah's tablet and Eve with a baby.

Emma's Eve with baby.

When we talked about Joseph, we got to make these:

Which turned into these!

Here's our first day of Egypt - mummification.

And Sarah -

Our Stonehenge.

Can you see why we love it so?


  1. You're such a good Momma to let your girls make these projects. I don't do so much of that any more. Hard for me to see beyond the mess. The looks on your girls' faces says how much they're enjoying themselves. Keep up the good work.

  2. We absolutely LOVE the MOH as well. The boys ask if we can read a lesson before bedtime lol. The activities truly bring history to life and the biblical accounts along with it. As a child, Noah's ark seemed like a children's story when read to me (it was never read from the Bible but always out of cutsie cardboard books), but to know that it truly is an actual historical account only makes it even more exciting to share with my children. We have a museum here called the Akron Science and Fossil Center Creation Museum, it has actual fossils of man and dinosaur walking side by side and dated to prove they walked side by side not millions of years ago but only thousands of years ago. The boys and I have LOVING the Mystery of History and our second volume has arrived just in time to begin Pentecost when this one ends with His Crucifixion. Fantastic for learning as well as for training our children to be even better witnesses for Christ than we are today, they will be well-equipped. God bless you and your family Margie.

  3. Goodness, I have to hand it to you Margie, I would have made a terrible "Homeschooling Mom." I would not have enjoyed the mess for sure and thus it would have stifled my children's creative abilities. :o) Loved this post and so admire what you are doing.


It makes my day when I hear from you. Sad, but true - so make a girl feel good, eh? :)

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