Friday, July 17, 2009

Hotel Hendricks

We've got some dear, dear friends from Arkadelphia who have since moved to Abilene. You can find no friend truer than Jill. Her heart is as gold - she is always thinking of ways to do something nice for someone else. She talks a mile-a-minute, she's rambunctious, she leaves 5 minute messages on your machine, she snorts, and she'll make you laugh '
til you're crying and wetting your pants at the same time. I've probably never had a more thoughtful friend. She made these curtains for Aubrey.

Mike was one of my Art professers at Ouachita. He's soft-spoken and a little reserved. Yet, like Jill, he has a heart of gold.

Jill's family lives in New York. Her sister would have lost her life a couple of months ago, were it not for the mighty hand of God. So Mike, Jill and the 4 kiddos are headed up, by way of minivan, to New York for a few weeks. Their first stop was Hotel Hendricks, the halfway point to Mike's dad in Tennessee.

Here's Jill and I.

And Mike and Ivan.
They're such manly men!

We were all so glad to see that the kids were taking advantage of this limited time together, and playing with each other as much as they could.

Yes, every single one of them had some sort of game system in their hand. Gotta love it!

Analeigh, their baby, was precious! She has quite the personality under that dark hair. But she's so gosh darn cute, I don't know how her parental units ever get on to her.

I think it was a great time had by all. Jill's visit was certainly a burst of fresh air and encouragement to me. I'm thankful to have such a commited sister in Christ in my life. I love ya, girl!

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