Friday, July 17, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays - Lay It Down

What a great meme this is! I'm going to try to participate each week. The song that has really been speaking to me this week is an older song by Jaci Velasquez called Lay It Down. Some of the words are a little difficult to understand, so here are the lyrics.

I've been lookin' til my eyes are tired of lookin',
Listenin' til my ears are numb from listenin',
Prayin' til my knees are sore from kneelin'
on the bedroom floor.

I know that You know that my heart is breakin'
I'm runnin' out of tears and my will is breakin'
I don't think that I can carry the burden of it anymore.

All of my hopes and my dreams and my best laid plans,
Are slowly slippin' through my folded hands

So I'm gonna lay it down
I'm gonna learn to trust You now
What else can I do?
Cause everything I am depends on You
And if the sun don't come back up
I know Your love will be enough
I'm gonna let it be, I'm gonna let it go,
I'm gonna lay it down.

I've been walkin' through this world like I'm barely livin'
Buried in the doubt of this hole I've been diggin'
But You're pullin' me out
I'm finally breathin' in the open air.

This room may be dark but I'm finally seein'
There's a new ray of hope, and now I'm believin'
That the past is past, and the future's beginning to look brighter now.

Oh, cause all of my hopes and my dreams and my best laid plans
Are safe and secure when I place them in Your hands.

Sometimes it is so difficult for me to give ALL to my Father. I try to tightly grasp little things in my hands - thinking that I can manage them so much better than He. How ridiculous!

He knows me. He loves me. He has plans for me. Plans to prosper and not to harm me. Slowly but surely, I'm learning to Lay It Down.

Go see Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders for more inspiring music!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful words...

    BTW, your dustbunny generator #1 could be the twin of a favorite kitty I had about 10 years ago

  2. Blessings Margie...definitely one of the best I have heard Jaci sing!!! These words carry such depth & meaning to anyone still workin' at "laying it all down". Another great choice & glad that you will be joining TSMSS & shared today... hope you enjoy & continue! May all your plans & dreams come to be through the grace, power & wisdom of God, Our Father as you claim these words from Jeremiah & are safe & secure in His Hands...(goes with Amy's, our host for TSMSS)!

  3. Wonderful!

    "The past is past"...

    Hummmm...too many of us stuggle with this concept, hum?

  4. Jackie V. is so good. I heard her sing a great song about prayer once at a meeting. Thanks for sharing that song.

  5. "Oh, cause all of my hopes and my dreams and my best laid plans
    Are safe and secure when I place them in Your hands."

    Those are my favorite lines..
    What a beautiful song! :)

  6. That was beautiful. I love her songs. My favorite is "on my knees." She is a beautiful singer and i am going to check her website out.

  7. Thank you for this, I could not even begin to explain how this is ministering to me right now. God is so amazing, isn't He.



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